Client Spotlight: 850zip

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As the Digital Designer for 850zip, a customer loyalty organization in Phoenix, I created a wide range of designs, layouts and animations that help the company stand out, build trust and attract the right customers. My client, Kathey Wagner, reached out to me in 2017 with the need of a graphic designer to help grow her organization through the use of eye-catching designs and advertisements for their events and meet-ups with their business partners.

My first project was to create a character version of their actual VW Bus, affectionately named, Eddey. From there, I created a whole host of advertising for collaboration and volunteer events they held, as well as promotions that found their way into the Midtown Muse, Phoenix Theater/Opera Playbills, and several other magazines and websites.

Since 2017, I’ve created designs that helped propel 850zip to becoming a B Corporation and achieve the Best Overall Award in 2018. They’ve grown in members and business partners and have become a top organization here in Phoenix. Here are some of the designs I’ve created to help 850zip bring their vision to life.   

Standard Eddey.jpg
Eddey Side View.jpg

Eddey is featured on all 850zip event graphics and ads. I designed some animation as well for use on social media. For example, I made this small linear animation showing Eddey driving down the highway, passing billboards of local partners with 850zip.

Matt played a critical role in expanding the 850zip brand, with his digital creation of Eddey (our 1976 VW Bus). Matt’s combined passion for cars and his technical design skills, brought Eddey to life in a whole new way. Even today, Matt’s original creations continue to strengthen 850zip’s community connections. In addition to Matt’s work with 850zip, he partnered with our strategy firm, B-ON the Obvious, Inc. and created unique brands for the Adams Strategy Firm and The Carmody Foundation. Matt has strong technical graphic design skills. He continues to build on his understanding of creating relevant and distinct brands for his clients. Matt is hungry to learn and eager to build his business as a graphic designer, we encourage you to give him an opportunity to work with you and your team.
— Kathey Wagner, Founder/Community Connector 850zip LLC & B-ON the Obvious, Inc.
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